About Me

I studied a degree entitled Visual Arts by Negotiated Study  at Birmingham City University during 2003 up until 2006.

This period became a creative turning point in the style and creation of my work. The materials became as important as the content of the pieces. Inevitably pattern materialised and became my dominant practice.

I found that I was able to broaden my work enabling me to produce 2 and 3 dimensional pieces using a diverse spectrum of tools, materials and objects. My final degree exhibition was an installation piece where I created a room filled with black and white pattern; illustrating and illuminating the theme of fear.

Since 2006 I have successfully completed several commissions - private and public. 
I started exhibiting in 2012... my first was in a group exhibition in Bristol called Papergirl, the second at a community project called Ort in Moseley, Birmingham.

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